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Flashpoint started in 1976 as the on-going sales arm of 'Auto Leyco Components & Spares' a Company that had been trading since 1968 with British Leyland at Cowley England, General Motors at Dunstable England, Firestone at Hounslow, England, Ferodo, Mintex and Borg & Beck at Leamington Spa England with sales around the UK and Ireland combined with Exporting Electrical and Electronic Goods & Component Parts to: Dusseldorf, Munchengladbach, Cologne, Berlin East and West Germany. Also Throughout The Netherlands, Belgium,France, Spain, Greece and Italy. Goods from these Countries were also Imported by 'FLASHPOINT' to England for onward Sales through-out the UK & Europe in the East, Far East and USA, Canada & West Indies in the West.

The 'FLASHPOINT' Logo actually took 18 months to design the correct geometric acceptable design in 1978 and thereafter all products were branded with that logo and the word 'FLASHPOINT' which were Registered as Trade Marks in 1981 in Italy, UK & Greece. The Word 'FLASHPOINT' has been marketed and advertised through-out the UK & Europe, including Eastern Europe and China since 1976 and thereby has Anterior Trade Mark use through-out those Domains and Territories since that date.

Our Directors' are of very wide Technical Experience in the Fields of Electro-Ceramics Engineering and Electronic Computer-based Applications for Industrial and Home Computing fields solving clients' needs and assisting in their rapid advance forward into an ever expanding market-place. 

Our Company were actively involved in the total computerisation of all the Light-Houses around the UK through-out the middle of 1990 and before that the Company was engaged in the transportation and Setting-Up and dismantling of Computer Equipment for Bank Staff Training Programmes for All the Major UK Banks Headquarters Office venues and all the Major European Banks Headquarters Office venues through-out 1986 to date.

Naturally, the experience gleaned along the way has made our Company far more capable of handling the ever expanding and Emerging New Technologies as those New Technologies become available and incorporating that latest Technology quickly to further the advantage of all our new and existing clients'.

Our company advert 'FLASHPOINT' appeared emblazoned over the finishing line at 'Santa Pod' Raceway for some four years from 1986 to 1990. 

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Our Company also sponsored the National Drag Racing Champion 'Russ Carpenter' too. 

The Company Logo
'FLASHPOINT' also appeared on that Fabulous Drag Racing (Legendary) Machine which Russ drove to so many successes in the UK & Europe.

In early 1997 our Company sponsored a young teacher from North London to fly out to Bangladesh for six months and assist the young children there to read & write and assist in their general education.

During her stay the young teacher wrote letters to our Company about her day to day experiences whilst working with the children and the local community. 

We found this an extremely rewarding and very worthwhile cause to have supported. 

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In the late part of 1997 we again sponsored the 'SAHARAWAN DESERT PEOPLE' aid programme which was organised by PC Parker of The Royal Parks Police based in St. James Park London SW1. 

A convoy of Land-Rovers and Water-Tanker vehicles departed from out-side The House of Commons in November 1997 with a police escort to the Channel Ferry Port where they boarded for France. 

On dis-embarking in France they were again escorted by the motor-cycle gendarmerie right through to the Port of Marseille where the vehicles were loaded on board and transported across the Mediterranean to North Africa and onto The Saharawan People in the Sahara Desert.

This too, for our Company was a very rewarding and deserving cause.

So, if one day you are ever driving across the Sahara Desert and come upon Land-Rovers etc. with 'FLASHPOINT' on, we assure you, you are not DREAMING or seeing a Mirage. Checkout the Mirage to the right.

Our Factory in Hungary with it's very long and much experienced working Directors and their Top Quality Engineering Team continues to expand and produce Super Quality Finished Ceramic Products which are in high demand all over Europe. 

The Factory stands on 250 acres of land and is equipped with engineering machinery supplied by Smiths Industries of Rugby England and employs some 390 workers full-time. The factory can be scaled to run on a 1, 2 or 3 shift system to encompass up-graded order production. 

All the necessary ISO Standards and Certification for quality of product were acquired some several years ago from S. G. Yarsley. in England. 

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We continue into the new millennium with more Advanced State of the Art Electronic & Electrically Designed Devices to be launched as Solutions for the Automotive, Security & Computer Industries encompassing also Research & Development into Microbiology & Bio-Science products.

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